The MFRC is proud to deliver exceptional events to the military families of the National Capital Region. Programming and events for youth, including the Military Youth Council, Brain Train, and Youth Odyssey series, are spectacular opportunities for children and teens in our community to learn, grow and become involved in engaging experiences that provide them with a safe space to develop their professional and interpersonal skills, independence and confidence!
All youth events and programs are facilitated by our in house experts in Early Childhood Education and Child and Youth Work.

Military Youth Council
Interested in having a voice in your CAF community? Your Military Youth Council is an ongoing opportunity for ages 13 - 18 to develop professional skills, build your resume and complete your volunteer hours.
 Join now to share ideas towards planning your youth events!
Brain Train
Brain Train is a literacy-based program, providing educational activities and homework assistance to youth ages 6 to 12 with homework and schoolwork. Free pizza is served every week!
Youth Odyssey Series
Along with the Military Youth Council, your MFRC plans an annual Youth Odyssey to exciting and enriching locations. This wonderful initiative provides CAF youth with eye-opening, humanizing and culturally significant experiences.
Examples of our Odysseys:
June 2018: Camp Tournesol at YMCA Cedar Glen (Shomberg, ON)
July 2019: Historical Canadian Battlefields in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK)
Stay tuned for our 2020 Youth Odyssey!
NCR Cadet Corps

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Army Cadet League of Canada | 1.877.276.9223 |
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